Playlist of the Stars

Two posts in one day, y’all! WUT? I know, I’m as excited as you are. I’m talking to myself at this point, after all.

I just wanted to share my playlist with y’all. I put it together because I love music in a very deep way. I would lie in bed as a teenager, filled with the required angst, and drift off into my fantasies with the playlist du jour and apparently I still do. So when you’re reading my excerpts and eventually my novels, use these songs as a jumping point because they actually fit pretty well as a soundtrack for my writing.

  • Fearful Odds – M83
  • I’m Sending You Away – M83
  • We Own the Sky – M83
  • Zed’s Theme – Aether
  • Oblivion (featuring Susanne Sundfor) – M83
  • Starwaves – M83
  • Bones – Young Guns
  • Racoon City – Aether
  • Skin of the Night – M83
  • Bite My Tongue – You Me at Six (uses the f-bomb, so beware)
  • Room to Breathe – You Me at Six

And yes, it’s pretty apparent that Oblivion is one of my favorite movies, but really that soundtrack is literally perfect in every way for science and speculative fiction. Starwaves is the perfect song for a sex scene and trust me, I’m planning on some sexy scenes to write to it. But really, if you do a search for “deep space ambient music” or “space chillstep” on YouTube you’ll probably get some decent results.

Do you listen to music a lot? What gets you in the mood to read or write? Sound off in the comments so we can build a collective playlist of awesomness.

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