I’m a writer, damn it!

I think a lot of writers begin when they’re young. I think what makes us writers is that we have stories to tell and these stories itch in our soul and gnaw at our fingers until we are forced by their shear tenacity to release them on the unsuspecting people around us.

My cousin was the first person that I knew to have a computer. When I found the word processing program and learned how to print, I was done. When we would visit him and my grandmother (he took care of her until her death), I would sit at the computer for hours typing out the fantasies I held in my head. Then I would print them out and vow never to let another human lay hands on them. I was convinced that I would die of embarrassment. Of course, unbeknownst to me, my step dad was picking them up and reading them when I wasn’t looking. They were full of the angst of a young teen with very few friends who was desperate to be someone important. I would write about young girls who became the best knight in the King’s army and set off on adventures that always led to finding some handsome warrior to fall in love with. They were kind of risque for someone my age, too, because I’ve always been pretty interested in sexuality (which was the reason for most of my embarrassment when my mom told me he was reading them). The thing is, he never said anything to me about them. I think he knew how I felt. However, he did tell my mom that I needed to be a writer one day. My stodgy, old fashioned, gruff step dad literally told me once (years later) that if I didn’t become a writer, I was wasting my talents. I’m sorry, but I kind of felt like the Grinch that day. You know, the part where his heart grows and he’s all nice and shit, not when he’s being mean and stealing everything in Whoville.

Fast forward to now. As much as I love to write, and I’ve never been able to stick with a blog. I’ve tried a lot of businesses in my life. I was a photographer, and a jewelry maker, and a soap maker, and when you have a small business you need to have an online presence. Only I couldn’t find anything I felt like writing about long enough to keep up a blog. This though, I have ideas for what I want to write when I shouldn’t. Like right now I should be researching watersheds in Florida or reading a research paper on the Critical Zone, but this is consuming me. It pulls me in. I can only hope that I’ve finally found my purpose and what my step dad said to me all those years ago was the truth and I’m finally using my talents the way God intended.

How did you get started writing? I love hearing people’s personal stories and learning about them, so don’t hesitate to tell me about yourself in the comments or even an email!


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  1. Wow. I felt like I was reading about myself when I read your post. Even down to the small business and soap making. I’m a writer too and it’s the only thing aside from my family that I have always been passionate about. Keep writing! Don’t give up!


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