NaNoWriMo Y’all!

How could y’all let me forget about NaNoWriMo???

Yes, I realize I should be shot for each excessive question mark use, but seriously this is a big deal. I’ve been waiting for this month all year and I missed the first day. I guess it’s good that I ended up writing and even posting a new blog post, though (oh wait, I scheduled that to post today…oopsies). The writing gods are looking favorably upon me.

So what are your goals this year? I would love to get the first draft of a romance short story done, but with tests coming out of my ears for the next foreseeable future, I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage that. I’d love to hear what y’all have planned, though. We could keep each other accountable or something. All three of us.

Okay, now I just feel lonely so I’m going to the dining hall for some lunch to fuel my writing marathon later.Let me know what y’all have going on!

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