Cover yourself up before you catch cold!

Hello everyone. I hope by now you’ve all recovered from the holidays. If you’re anything like me, it’s taken at least this long. Of course, my husband gave me one of my gifts early…a cold. So I got to be miserably sick on Christmas day and spent more time sleeping upright in chairs than actually enjoying watching my kids open their gifts. Then today I see an article on the local news’ Facebook feed that suggests we should all run screaming to the ER because the RHINOVIRUS has hit.

Um…that’s the cold…

Thankfully they removed the part where we should demand antibiotics. But I digress.

I was happy to finish this semester. I just dragged my way through it and ended up writing about 50 pages the last week between final papers, research papers, research proposals, and my actual finals because I’d put everything off for so long. I got it done, though and ended up with a fairly decent average. And I’m finished with French, so there’s that.

So here I am, finally getting back to my writing. I’ve gotten a little distracted thinking about the cover though. Does anyone else have a huge indecision problem with the cover? I’ve got some ideas, but I’m afraid they won’t really work with the conventions of my genre (though I’ve been told that my current WIP is more straight science fiction with romantic elements or even a little dark rather than true SFR). Everything I’ve read says to stick with the conventions, especially for your first novel, but I’m such and individual! I want to do my own artsy thing, dammit!

Here are some of the ideas I have:


I love the double exposure look and multiple images layered over each other, but I’m afraid of it looking too YA. Don’t get me wrong, I love YA fiction for the most part, but I don’t want to confuse my readers because my novel is definitely not appropriate for young readers. I’m just stuck and apparently I like to obsess over anything I’m stuck on instead of moving forward like a normal human being.

So what I’m saying here in an incredibly round about way is that I need some advice. Does anyone else have this much trouble choosing your cover? How do you get over it? Leave it up to the designer completely? I can’t really afford a fancy cover artist right off the bat, so I really feel like I should have a strong idea of what I want before I hire someone, or fall back on my photography editing and graphic design background to do it myself. I need help, y’all…in so many ways, lol.

* OH! I set up an Instagram account, too. Check me out sometime! b_hodge_writes

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