I feel like, as writers, we tend to gravitate towards coffee and caffeine in general. It’s probably because we stay up late and have to force ourselves up in the morning after little sleep. Oh, the joys of being a creative person! It’s a relationship many of us would be hard pressed to survive without…but I have a confession.

I can’t drink it. Not a single drop. Not the “real” stuff, at least.

I have an issue with my heart that means I can’t have caffeine of any kind without needing medicine. I used to drink Mtn Dew like it was going out of style but had to switch to diet caffeine free, which is basically poisoned pee water. I’m a southern woman and love my tea but end up with PVCs for the rest of the day if I have just one glass. It’s a sad existence I live, I’m tellin ya!

This had nothing to do with writing today. I just wanted to bitch about my decaffeinated life. Feel like ranting about something? Hit me up in the comments!

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