Oh my aching soul

My gosh, y’all…I just finished reading The Road for an English class I’m in and now all I want to do is crawl into a hole with a stuffed animal and my babies and not come back out until my soul quits hurting. That shit was brutal! I won’t give away any spoilers in case you’re looking to read it, but I cried like a mofo for like the last 15 minutes in the book. I thought The Mist was bad, but this blew it out of the water. Word to the sensitive – if you have a soft heart like me, treat this book like a fucking emotional nuclear weapon.

Of course, it might not have been so bad if I hadn’t just gone through the comments of a professional editor on the first 10 pages of my manuscript. Holy hell was she thorough! I sent them to Francina Simone, who I found on YouTube after devouring nearly all of her videos, and y’all, I might be in love. She’s hilarious and is just the perfect mix of…just everything. She really set me straight on my first draft and knocked me down a few pegs, which was something I desperately needed. I’m not gonna say it didn’t sting a little, but I’m big enough to realize that growth can’t happen in an echo chamber and every little bit will just make the finished product that much better. Still, I think I need to go back and read this post again.

That being said, I reached out to a cover designer finally. I decided to go with Natasha Snow because her work is absolutely stunning and she was REALLY reasonably priced. We’ll begin mid-March. I decided to go ahead and do it now to hopefully motivate me to finish getting the last 35k words written so I can start on the revision process. I heard on the Creative Penn podcast that that’s a really good motivator to finish your book, so what’s to lose? I’m gonna need a cover anyway…why not do it now?

Okay, well I’m emotionally and physically exhausted now so I’m going to go curl up under the covers and pretend today didn’t happen. Leave me some jokes in the comments to remind me that there’s joy left in the world or something before this melancholy cloud swallows me whole. hahaha

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