The Darkness Within Us


Two species are locked in an ancient war and her powers are the key to survival. If she doesn’t kill them all first.

A war has been waged for millennia between the Tandari and the Quaan – two ancient alien civilizations from the far reaches of space that were forged in battle and bound by birth. Determined to destroy or enslave any and every species they come in contact with, the Quaan have discovered a new weapon that will impact every facet of known physics and change the dynamic of the war forever. Unless the Tandari can get to it first.

Anais was born to wealth and lives in luxury aboard the newest station in Vespa Prime’s orbit. She is being groomed to take over her father’s astromining corporation until the plans of others has her world crashing down around her.

Abandoned on a desolate planet by those she trusted, she is thrust into a conflict she doesn’t understand alongside a race she was taught to fear. When she finds out the depths their enemy is willing to go to in order to win, she realizes she has no choice but to fight. Armed with only her talent in ancient Japanese weaponry, she must put her faith in the aliens she is only beginning to trust…and fall for.

However, with the horrors of war and unspeakable acts committed against her, along with her own crumbling psyche, will she be able to survive? When the deception of those around her is revealed, will she be able to overcome and face her destiny? Or will the darkness rising inside her take control and doom them all?

Chapter 1 of The Darkness Within Us

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