Lice and Bullies

Funny name for a post, huh? Well, these two things have been consuming my life for the past couple weeks. Sounds fun, don’t it?

My life is so glamorous!

I’ve been dealing with some Biblical plagues around here, folks. Flu, lice, and some guy who apparently got mad enough that I told him not to be a dick on Dog Shaming on Facebook that he messaged me out of the blue and then TEXT MESSAGED me to call me names. I mean, do people really have no life anymore? It’s crazy! Thing is, I’m used to bullies. I’ve dealt with them all my life between assholes at school and an abusive boyfriend when I was 17. I don’t scare easily. I am, however, very good with the internet and have found a way to deal with all of the things that have been bugging me for the past few weeks. If we can just get through the last of the lice, we’re good!


In the midst of this, though, I got up to almost 60k words on my manuscript. My goal is a full 10k this month and I’m actually pretty close to it already.That’s super exciting. I’m hoping that I’ll get enough from taxes to buy my cover so I’ll be ready to publish this book this summer. It would be the perfect ending to my semester from Hell, unless this train turns around sometime soon.

Just pray I survive before the bushes around me start bursting into flames and speaking to me…

And if you’re feeling like helping me out toward my goal, don’t forget that I have a campaign on Patreon. If you become a patron, you’ll get super awesome goodies from me. I mean, I think they’re super awesome…

As a final note, if you’re ever dealing with bullies or something in your life and just need someone to talk to, I’m here for you. Never hold that stuff inside. I won’t judge you or anything like that. Trust me when I say it can really help to have someone on your side who’s impartial and there solely to help.

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